List Management

Your business has established a customer base. Now what do you do?

A Simple Internet list management can help you retain and expand your customer base through database and mailing list services. Asimpleinternet knows how important it is to stay in contact with customers. That’s why our cost-effective list management strategy includes opt-in email marketing opportunities and ad impression management.

Opt-in email marketing should be an integral part of any cost-effective list management strategy. By giving clients the ability to control their own access to your message, you reach the clients that truly want your product or service. creates, implements, and manages client opt-in campaigns. With access to over 100 million opt-in emails, A Simple Internet list management can target your products to the desired audience.

Your web ads are getting clicks, but how do you track your traffic? A Simple Internet list management means managing your ad impressions. Asimpleinternet currently manages over 90 million ad impressions per month and 20 million opt-in names for our clients. Maintaining a proper mailing list can be a great way of generating repeat business while accounting for new customers. With comprehensive listing methodology, can provide cost-effective list management without the hassle.